What We Expect from Our Candidates

The most important work we do as a union involves bargaining and enforcing good contracts to secure fair wages, dependable benefits, and safe working conditions. 

However, whether we like it or not, workplace health and safety, wage and overtime regulations, retirement security, even our right to organize and bargain collectively, are all tied to local, state, and federal laws and the people making them. 

And if the wrong people are making these laws, the government will allow corporate interests to drown out our voices and our power.  

That’s why it’s so important that our union participates in this process. With all the money in politics and all the lobbyists working on behalf of the already rich, the only way we’re able to make ourselves heard is by coming together and demanding our elected officials work for us. This is work we do year-round through our Rapid Response networks and our Washington, D.C., office. 

But, it can’t stop there. We also must elect the right people. That starts with determining which candidates’ values best align with ours as a union. To do this, we look at their backgrounds. We consider past voting records. We also ask them directly. 

Click here to see the questions we are sending to candidates across the political spectrum: Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. 

Before we make any decision to endorse or support a candidate for federal office, the candidate must respond to this questionnaire. This allows us to see where they stand on our core issues including trade, collective bargaining, health care, infrastructure, workplace health and safety, and retirement security. 


Download our questionnaire for candidates for federal office